Are You Choosing To Join The Right Professional Honest No 1 Up Cash Gifting Club?


In the world of online cash gifting, there are tons of private to all-inclusive activities readily awaiting to persuade you into parting with your hard earned money. Most of these programs are 1UPS and have openly embraced the slick, hyped-up, get rich quick scheme look while the others are being created by some idiot that just copied graphics from here and there to piece together a generic cash gifting program website.

In this article, we’ll be focusing our attention on the recent development of the no 1 up cash gifting concept and whether or not you’re spending your time wisely by researching the right no 1 up cash gifting program.

As you may or may not be aware, the idea of no 1 up cash gifting is sweeping the internet and is gaining explosive popularity at a very speedy rate. As of the writing of this article, if you Google the phrase no 1 up cash gifting or no up cash gifting, you’ll find that there are over 534,000 results, not to mention dozens of Sponsored Links. If you Google no up cash gifting program, there are more than 538,000 results and no 1 up cash gifting program yields over 554,000 results. And the no up cash gifting concept is but a mere 6 months old.

Armed with that knowledge, you now understand how popular this new concept is becoming and you’re also probably aware that there are several no 1 up cash gifting programs on the internet today. This brings us to the question of how do you know you’re looking at the right no 1 up cash gifting activity that’s right for you?

Truthfully, the answer to that question lies in your own research so here’s a few questions to ask yourself during your research along with some key points to keep in mind as you look into a no 1 up cash gifting activity.

1. Is The Program Private, By Invitation Only or is it All-Inclusive?

This is a very important question depending on how long or short you plan to be involved. Research has shown that most all-inclusive programs have a “shelf life” of about 6 to 18 months, while some private, by invitation only gifting clubs have been around 10+ years. So you have to determine how long you want to receive cash. If you only need just enough money to make a couple of major purchases or catch up on a few bills, then one of the hyped-up, all inclusive programs might work for you. If you want to go beyond a few thousand dollars and create a lifetime of wealth, then you may want to look deeper into a private, by invitation only cash gifting club.

2. Is The Program Professional?

Professionalism is extremely important especially when you’re sharing the program with others, which is what cash gifting is all about. Ask yourself, can I feel comfortable promoting this program? Will the look and feel of this program embarrass me? Chances are, people will determine your success and professionalism by the way the program looks at a glance. If the program does not embody a certain amount of professionalism then people will discredit the program and a lot of the time, discredit YOU.

3. Does The Program Utilize Legitimate, State-of-the-Art Placement and Tracking System Software?

This is the determining, most important question you should ask yourself. 99 percent of no 1 up cash gifting programs ARE NOT using placement and tracking system software at all. That’s because these programs were created by a single person who has decided to attempt to keep track of everything him or herself because he or she lacked the funds and/or expertise of developing a high quality back end system. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE OF THIS!

No placement and tracking system software jeopardizes the integrity of the program, BIG TIME!

In closing, ultimately you are the one who will determine which no up cash gifting program you will join. While you research the different no 1 up programs, just be mindful of the fact that although there may be many no up cash gifting activities to choose from, they’re not all the same. 99 percent of them ARE NOT set up properly which can cause you to burn tons of time and money. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out every thing you can about the internal make up of each system that interests you. This could very well be the determining factor of your success or failure with cash gifting.

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The Cash Tracking System One Of The Oldest “Legitimate” Cash Gifting Programs On The Net(REVIEW)

cash track systemAt first glance, the Cash Tracking System – one of the oldest “legitimate” cash gifting programs on the net – it would not appear to be a scam. I’ve seen cash-gifters refer to the Cash Tracking System as their current “activity” or “home based business”. I was intrigued and decided to take a closer look!

Now, apparently Cash Gifting is completely legal. The IRS, for example, allows US citizens to “gift” $13,500 without any tax ramifications. It’s just that we are used to seeing people gift money to relatives or people in need.  Plus, since we tend to look at cash gifting as a “home based business” or “network marketing business”, we expect to see a product associated with the exchange of money. Cash Tracking System does not have a product.

While there’s no product, the rest of the program works like a typical top-tier direct sales home business. To get your website – which contains 7 videos to help you sell your prospect, and a capture page, you pay money directly to your sponsor – either $500, $1000, $2000, or $3500. I assume you pay a annual admin fee for your website but I’m not positive. All of that is cool – it’s just the “no product thing” that most of us need to get past.

I don’t like to judge, and the Cash Tracking System “activity” is considered 100% legal – it’s not a ponzi scheme or scam. The capture page looks slick. I have not opted in to see the sales page but I assume it’s very professional based on the capture page.

The target market to generate Cash Tracking System leads and prospects must be ideally people who already have a positive opinion of cash gifting programs. Just like I do not want to have to explain to people the merits of network marketing, I assume cash-gifters do not want to have to try to “sell” someone on the merits of cash gifting. This is only logical to me. As a Mentor I choose to do the right thing and that’s being honest with new cash-gifters.

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No 1 Up Cash Gifting Mentor Shows Video Proof Of $40,000 Being Generated In 18 Days

Here is a very inspirational video that I would like to share of my mentor proof video of $40,000 being generated in the awesome No 1 Up Cash Gifting Program! Take A look and please do your research! To succeed in any gifting program you must start with a great mentor who will train you properly and assist you at getting started the proper way. The program REALLY WORKS!

You’ve probably heard or read it dozens of times before, and you know what… IT’S TRUE! Cash gifting is, without a doubt, the easiest and quickest way to create wealth for you and your family.

Our cash gifting program is the very first and only real no 1 up cash gifting activity. It’s also private and requires all future participants to be personally invited by a current, active member in order to join. This is to ensure that the privacy and integrity of the activity and its participants are held with high regards.

In addition, our no 1 up cash gifting program consists of four levels; $500, $1000, $2000 and $4000, and is equipped with an automated placement and tracking software system which places and keeps track of new participating members automatically; which is a very key component of a legitimate cash gifting program.


At registration, you’ll have the option of joining one or more levels starting with $500. Your options are $500, $1500 ($500 + $1000), $3500 ($500 + $1000 + $2000) or $7500 ($500 + $1000 + $2000 + $4000).

NOTE: Most people who join you in this no 1 up cash gifting activity will usually start with a pledge of $1500 or $3500, and they will send the cash directly to you.

Let Me Explain How It Works

Let’s say you join and pledge $3500; with our no 1 up cash gifting program you’re instantly in a position to receive on the $500, $1000 and $2000 levels.

Now let’s say you invite your first person and he or she decides to join and pledge $1500; he or she will send $1500, in cash, directly to you. Cash pledges will be sent directly to you from each and every person you invite who becomes a member of this incredible no up cash gifting program. It’s that simple.

And although there are no splits or 1 ups in this cash gifting program, there are still roll ups.

For instance, we’ll use the example above and say the first person you invited invites someone who joins at $3500. You will receive $2000 in cash because the first person you invited has only joined the $500 and $1000 levels and you have joined the same levels as well as the $2000. And don’t worry, all of this is tracked automatically by the system.

Another wonderful thing about our no 1 up cash gifting program is whenever anyone you invite wants to upgrade to a higher level, they will send you additional cash based on the amount of the upgraded level. So if your first person decides he or she wants to upgrade to the next level, he or she will send you another $4000.


Here’s How You Get Started Today!

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Joining A Legit No 1 Up Cash Gifting Program Does Have Great Benefits

Cash gifting is one of the most popular ways to grow your money nowadays. A lot of people have taken to its calling, recruiting “first persons” for their receiving line, and earning continuously. But while many are being encouraged by the blatant commitment of increasing profits, there are still those who have hesitations.

There are people who are still asking whether or not cash gifting is truly a benefiting form of investment. You may have the same set of hesitations. Therefore, you may want to check out these benefits before you think twice against cash gifting:

1. Cash gifting allows you to earn back your pledge in a fast and convenient way. You are probably looking for ways to invest your money that would bring great financial returns. Well, with the abundance of online opportunities nowadays, you may find just the right path for you. One of these opportunities is cash gifting, which actually stands out because it really commits to letting you earn as much as you have invested. Consider giving a recruiter a money pledge. Upon becoming a member of his or her receiving line, you get to recruit someone else to pledge the same amount that you have given. That enables you to set up your own receiving line. Then, you get to earn back what you have pledged and even double it up for every “first person” that your own recruits would turn in. All this can happen even if you are not marketing or selling an actual product. Truly, cash gifting can give you back your investment in no time and with no other requirements to fulfill.

2. The recruits, or “first-persons”, you get are also given the chance to earn for themselves. The benefits of cash gifting extends to your recruits as well. True, you earn from them and from every recruit that they turn in. But aside from that, you also give them the opportunity to earn for themselves. This is actually a different kind of benefit because it goes beyond monetary returns. You get to help people, who are probably friends and relatives of yours, and the satisfaction of having done that is truly energizing. This is a benefit of cash gifting that people sometimes take for granted. Definitely, the first goal you should have when joining a cash gifting network is to earn. But you can work as well with the second of goal of helping out your recruits. This would give you unexpected satisfaction and even more motivation to pursue your own receiving line.

3. Through cash gifting, you get to widen your network and enhance your communication skills. Cash gifting may not necessarily have a product or a service that you can sell to your recruits. This may limit your learning in such a way that you would not have to deal with a particular process or system. But in a way, you benefit in a wider scope. This is because with cash gifting, recruiting “first persons” for your receiving line would require you to enhance your communication skills. You would have to communicate with your potential recruits to make sure that they understand what they are getting themselves into as well as what are expected of them in return. In this way, you get to be both the speaker and the listener hence you become a better communicator.

Also, as cash gifting requires you to be in touch with a lot of people, you can definitely widen your network. This is just as beneficial because you become acquainted with different people, which all the more improves the way you relate with others. Consequentially, you would find easier the need to recruit more people, which then leads to more profits for you. Truly, cash gifting is more widely acknowledged than any other ways to invest your money. You are encouraged to let go of your hesitations and actually start recruiting for that fast and easy way of earning. But always remember to put into perspective everything that you do. Relate well with your first persons, provide them a clear communication system, and share with them all the benefits that you are getting. This would not only ensure that you have a good working relationship with them, it would also help enhance your earning potential

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How To Be Financially Free And Spiritual While Participating In A No 1 Up Cash Gifting Club


Many of us wonder just how we can live through life being financially successful while simultaneously being spiritual. The process of attaining financial wealth can at times feel like a stressful process and therefore counter-intuitive to what we seek when we follow a spiritual path.

1. Define it: Spiritual wealth and financial freedom mean something different to everyone. It is important to first define what financial success means to you and then define what spiritual wealth means.
Is financial success a certain amount of money in the bank?
Does it mean being debt free?
Is it about the freedom to choose when to work and where to travel?
What about being spiritual?
Is spirituality about finding more peace and purpose?

2. Be OK with your demands: Once you have defined what spiritual and financial success means to you- it is vital that you accept that what you want is OK. For some a life of abundance means having the simple things in life. A happy and healthy family and a secure job. For others it may mean being able to travel the world giving talks, publishing books and mingling with inspiring people. There is no right or wrong! It simply is what it is for you.

3. Don’t take it personally and let go: Money and finances can be quite an emotional topic for many people. It relates directly to our survival and the thought of losing it can bring up a lot of emotional baggage. For many their self-worth is linked directly to the amount of money in their bank account. Not having enough can bring up negative thoughts such as ‘What is wrong with me?’ and ‘I must be a failure.’ Furthermore, having a lot of money in the bank can strangely also illicit a similar negative though process with the inner conversation sounding something like: ‘I could lose it all’ or ‘I have to maintain this or I will lose the love of___.’ When we hang on to these beliefs we are putting enormous stress and pressure on our bodies and eventually lead ourselves down a path of harm such as ill health. It is vital to be aware of what money means to you and be willing to let go of the thoughts, habits and patterns that harm you.

4. Like attracts like:Have you heard of the law of attraction? It is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. When we are attempting to increase our income by way of acquiring a new job or launching a new product or business, we are often focused on the result. It is essential in business to be clear on your intended outcome, however, putting too much emphasis on that can actually be counterproductive. Have you ever had an experience with a sales person that left you running for the door? You could literally feel their desperation. On the other hand, have you dealt with someone where a transaction took place but it felt more like a pleasant conversation with a friend than a sales pitch? When we are able to trust that the right people will be drawn to what it is we have to offer, we release ourselves from having to try so hard and allow a natural, effortless interaction to occur.

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2014 Legitimate No 1 Up Cash Gifting Is Not Considered A Business Or Investment!

By definition, Cash Gifting (also referred to as “Cash Leveraging”) is the act of privately or publicly giving another person or entity a declared sum of cash (strictly as a gift) and giving it freely without coercion or consideration. It doesn’t involve network marketing, multi-level marketing, or a business or commercial activity. There are no business transactions, investments and/or securities involved in this activity. There’s no business or company name or location and there are no directors, officers, shareholders or principals. Individuals simply offer financial support to another. It’s called a cash gift because that’s exactly what it is a gift of cash.



Consider that a legitimate gift has no strings attached and is not an “investment.


Avoid being misled into thinking a certain gifting club is legitimate because the ads say that members earn $5000 Daily. Be sure that you can at least reach the Mentor and not a robot or answering machine.


Be wary of success stories or testimonials of tremendous payoffs. Very few members of illegal gifting clubs or pyramid schemes ever receive any money. So therefore be sure to join a legal and legitimate gifting club.


Take your time. Don’t buckle under to a high-pressure sales pitch that requires you to join immediately or risk losing out on the opportunity. Remember, solid opportunities – and solid friendships – aren’t formed through nerve-wracking tactics.

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If You Think SPN Today The Cash Tracking System Or No 1 Up Cash Gifting Is A Scam Then Simply Do Not Join


The Honest Most Updated Truth About Cash Gifting Scams

If you search the internet for any significant length of time under the query of, “cash gifting scams”, you will be prompted with about 2 or 3 forums discussing the topic, 5-6 videos of people giving their negative opinion of the activity, which usually consists of threats of arrest, and thousands upon thousands of articles, videos, and blog entries that take advantage of the, “scam”, keyword to bump up their visibility. Before coming to a clear conclusion about Cash Gifting I suggest every person interested in the activity to look through the few media discussing the possibility of Cash Gifting being a scam.

If you do your research you might come across a few news articles detailing how a particular gifting club was arrested for their pyramid gifting structure. The diversity of these schemes is astonishing yet the lives they have ruined resonates across the nation giving most Americans the unconscious impression that all online cash generation systems are frauds. Let me describe the varying groups that have been arrested for their pyramid-like Cash Gifting structures.

Promoters of these schemes take advantage of the natural human attraction towards communion and the modern day struggle of financial life in order for the few people at the top of the group, usually the originators of the scheme, to receive the awards while all the lower tier individuals are left with their pockets empty. It is rare for one of these gifting clubs to last for longer than a year and as the pyramid structure inevitably falls apart, which is one of the greatest indicators of a pyramid scheme, the money generated from the club cannot pay out the promised returns for the members that joined later. Along with the information discussed so far in this article I advise everyone to do their own research behind the pyramid scheme structure and why it devastates so many innocent people. Also look up Ponzi scheme, coined after the late Charles Ponzi, who in 1903 started one of the largest scams attracting 40,000 people to invest 15 million dollars in total. Profits were supposed to come from exchanging international postal reply coupons. He promised 50% interest (return) on investments in 45 days or “double your money” in 90 days. Only a third of that money was returned to them.

I advise everyone who wants to get into cash gifting to first become well educated on the different scams out there because at any moment you can become the victim of a scam. If by now you have not done a Google search to verify much of the information I have described in this article, I suggest you educate yourself and make an educated decision. However, as you search for, “Cash Gifting Scams”, also simply search for the term, “Cash Gifting”, also and see what you find. You will see thousands of articles written by people from every walk of life. You will see lawyers and real estate agents, construction workers and stay at home moms. You will see college students working with retired individuals to pass on their knowledge of the internet so that even a person starting off with no knowledge of online marketing can start out of the gate running.

The greatest difference between the , “gifting clubs,” that make the headlines, and the private activity participated in by thousands across the world is the simple truth that there is no pyramid to be found. The most popular cash gifting programs out there like mine (Better To Gift Program) have been around for more than 5 years with some having a history longer than a decade. If the Cash Gifting program you are joining follows the traditional 1-up system then you will quickly see that there are no oligarchs controlling the operation at the top while everyone below them suffers. There is no pyramid; there is only the simple act of giving from one person to another and after you find that one person to be your 1-up qualifier, which is given to your mentor, you are in the exact position as everyone in the entire world participating in this activity. You have no more obligations to anyone else besides yourself once you make that first crucial step. The power behind this system truly shines when you can be qualified within hours of first participating. And if not in hours then a few days of conscious effort will bring you to that point. Is it really a pyramid scheme if you can be equal to everyone who is participating in the activity in the entire world within hours? Only you can find that answer.

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The Greatest and Latest Advantages Of A No 1 Up Cash Gifting Program 2013

No 1 up cash gifting is a home based opportunity for those who wish to make good money out of very little effort. This is a very rewarding system which is fair and pays according to your position in the structure. It provides for you to invest a little money in the right place and time to make good profit margin.

Many people have benefited significantly by investing and participating in no 1 up cash gifting. This is a program which pays according to dedication and determination with those higher up the ladder being paid first. Amount of earnings also depends on your rank in the structure. If you are looking for an opportunity where you can be rewarded according to your effort and where your position in the hierarchy depends on when you joined then this is the place.

The no 1 up cash gifting allows you to start receiving your payments as soon as you make your first recruitment. It means that you do not have to wait for any given duration as your earnings will be any day and time. There are sincerely no other opportunities to make the kind of money you can earn in this program for doing very little.

To succeed in no 1 up cash gifting you only require to do two things. First you need to recognize the potential benefits and enroll yourself by paying certain amounts. The more you pay the more you will earn. You then need to tell others about the same program and you will be rewarded according to the number of people you recruit.

The message is the same and the process is repetitive. When you have introduced others to the program after yourself then you only need to help the process a little further. This involves urging them to go out and also get many more people that they may come across to also join. This is a program where the more the merrier and you need not be selfish or keep the information to yourself.

There are times when you can see people let important opportunities pass them and you get to wonder what it is they are looking for in this world. In the no 1 up cash gifting the world has an opportunity to mobilize all and sundry to come together with people they know as well as those they do not know through proxies.

No 1 up cash gifting is a well structured program where everybody understands how much they earn according to their position and amounts initially contributed. There are no secrets or surprises. The rules are clear right from the entry point and merit is rewarded. Everyone is provided with a clear means of ascending to greater heights and there is no waiting once you deliver on your obligation.

While you are waiting, wondering and asking whether this is real, you are only wasting your time and opportunities. Those who join this program late wish they had joined earlier. And those who do not join at all will regret why they were not wise enough.

Terry Brisco


Better To Gift No 1 Up Cash Gifting Programs Tips Towards Success


Important Cash Gifting Tips That You Should Know

If you’re already sold on the idea of starting your own cash gifting opportunity, congratulations! You’re about to embark on a potentially lucrative – and extremely fun – enterprise. Despite the many naysayers that are out there these days, great opportunities abound when it comes to cash gifting programs. However, it is critical that you approach this endeavor armed with the right knowledge. No matter what your specific gifting program may be, there are a handful of overarching traits or characteristics that successful people have in common; familiarize yourself with them, then put them to good use. They will serve you well in the future!

1) Know Your Program

This should seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people set up their business without having the faintest clue about the true potential of the programs that they’re selling. When you’re not knowledgeable about your program, it shows. You need to inspire confidence in others in order to be successful, so study up and get to know your program inside and out.

2) Like Your Program

One of your top responsibilities when it comes to running a successful gifting business is going to be convincing others that your program is amazing. The best way to do that is truly believe so yourself. Find a program that you fully and completely stand behind; your genuine enthusiasm for it will be infectious, and will prompt others to want to be a part of it.

3) Know Your Audience

Sit down and come up with a list of what your ideal customer would be like, then create your marketing strategy with that person in mind. Does your program appeal to the elderly, or to busy parents? Put yourself in their shoes and figure out ways to demonstrate what your program can do for them.

4) Always Follow Up

One of the biggest mistakes that gifting professionals make is not following up with potential leads. Set aside a time each day or two to call or email those who have expressed an interest in the past. Many times, people are flattered to be remembered and are more likely to join up.

5) Be Patient

In many ways, you’ll be planting a lot of seeds during your marketing campaign. Sometimes, things bloom immediately; more often than not, though, they take a while. Be patient. Keep plugging away and planting those seeds, and great things will develop in time!
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Avoid Low Budget Low Dollar No 1 Up Cash Gifting Programs (Pledge Large)

This will attempt to lay down a solid foundation for a proper choice when searching for the proper no 1 up cash gifting program online. Rest assured this is not to sell you anything. There is no selling in no 1 up cash gifting. There is no products to sell. It is not a business. It is something more, so much more.

Cash gifting is an activity where people help each other financially, by their own choice. Exercising their right to gift cash from one american to another. It is believed that by this amazing and selfless gesture, benefit of a spiritial intervention down the road, in a positive manner. With this will come the first tip for finding a no 1 up gifting system on the web.

The first thing a proper cash gifting system should have is a tracking system. There are many no 1up cashgifting systems operating today with an improper or even

WORST no tracking systems . Steer clear of these fly by night systems. Make sure levels can not be skipped. A proper set up prevents people from skipping levels in a no 1 up cash gifting system. This way you will ALWAYS GET A GIFT from anyone you personally invite and then enters into the private and exclusive club. Most systems overlooked this serious flaw in their set up.

The second tip for you is to avoid low dollar gifting programs. It sounds very logical and such a perfect concept. “Everyone could join me if I had a $100 dollar level”. To receive $1000 dollars in gifts, it will take ten sign ups to do it. The catch is, it takes the same amount of time dealing with each person. So with a $1500 dollar program, you only need ONE person and you are way ahead of that guy missing out on the real rewards. You need to gift what you feel you are wanting to receive. It is that simple.

The third tip is to research the person you will be joining under. Are they doing well online, can you find them over and over in lots of places. That most likely means they understand the internet game. There is a problem though. You need to be %100 sure they will actually share their secrets to success or you will be a dead duck in the water, slowly drifting away. Do that research well, make sure they offer one on one mentoring for your personal financial abundance.

Terry Brisco