2014 Legitimate No 1 Up Cash Gifting Is Not Considered A Business Or Investment!

By definition, Cash Gifting (also referred to as “Cash Leveraging”) is the act of privately or publicly giving another person or entity a declared sum of cash (strictly as a gift) and giving it freely without coercion or consideration. It doesn’t involve network marketing, multi-level marketing, or a business or commercial activity. There are no business transactions, investments and/or securities involved in this activity. There’s no business or company name or location and there are no directors, officers, shareholders or principals. Individuals simply offer financial support to another. It’s called a cash gift because that’s exactly what it is a gift of cash.



Consider that a legitimate gift has no strings attached and is not an “investment.


Avoid being misled into thinking a certain gifting club is legitimate because the ads say that members earn $5000 Daily. Be sure that you can at least reach the Mentor and not a robot or answering machine.


Be wary of success stories or testimonials of tremendous payoffs. Very few members of illegal gifting clubs or pyramid schemes ever receive any money. So therefore be sure to join a legal and legitimate gifting club.


Take your time. Don’t buckle under to a high-pressure sales pitch that requires you to join immediately or risk losing out on the opportunity. Remember, solid opportunities – and solid friendships – aren’t formed through nerve-wracking tactics.

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The Empire Network Review:What Is The Empower Network? How Does The Empire Network Works?

This Empower Network review covers my personal experience with David Wood and David Sharpe‘s Empower Network.  It talks about what it is, what the products are and gives more information on the background of the company.

What is the Empower Network anyway?

If you don’t already know about the Empower Network, it was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe. Both of these guys have a rags to riches story similar to mine, so I was very intrigued by how they were able to pull themselves up through the Empower Network.David was once a broke  homeless guy that lived in a van with his wife. While my situation was not quite as bad, I did relate to his story about being broke and jobless and having a crappy living situation in general.  (You can see the About Me page on this website for my full story)

His partner – David Sharpe – is a former alcoholic that used to work in the construction industry. However, today they are both making 5 to 6 figures every month through this opportunity.In the past 12 months they have paid out $20,000,000 in commissions to their 100,000+ team members.

Now, to be honest, the biggest reason I got in was because one of my very close friends was already doing very well with it.  I have known him for a while.  He is a small business owner just like me and we saw this as a good opportunity to add on to our existing businesses.

Now I have been a part of network marketing companies before.  And I failed with them.  The biggest issue I kept on running into was not making sales or finding people interested in starting a home business.  My biggest issue was that I only made $2-$10 for every sale.It took hundreds of sales before it became anything significant worth investing my time in.

So instead of selling expensive vitamins for $75 and keeping a small percent of the sale, David Wood setup the Empower Network so that I get to keep 100% of every sale.  Now that got my attention because I could actually see this being a viable business.

So I went ahead and paid the 25 bucks to get access to the blogging system.  Now I knew because of their 100% commission structure that all of what I had just paid was going to my friend that brought me in – which was fine with me because otherwise I would not have found out about this opportunity.

What is it like inside the Empower Network?

The Empower Network provides several different products.  The first is the blogging platform and Fast Track training series (which you get access to when you first sign up).  The second is their audio series of interviews with industry experts called the Inner Circle.  Then there is the Costa Rica Intensive and the $15K Formula.

The blogging system and Fast Track training videos

The blogging system and Fast Track videos provide you with everything you need to start with the Empower Network.  The idea is based around creating quality content, posting that content to your blog and then sharing that content to get visitors to your blog.

The blog is setup instantly when you join.  Most people that are looking for some kind of online income do not know the techy side of setting up a blog so this is a very easy solution.  The blog is already installed and optimized so all you have to do is create content.

The blogging system comes with a series of 8 Fast Track training videos.  They go over everything you need to get started.  They give an in-depth explanation of how and why the blogging platform works.  They also go over some core business principles that will help in your new Empower enterprise.

The blogging system and 8 Fast Track videos is $25 per month.  Again, this is everything you need to get started.

The Inner Circle audio library

The Inner Circle is a library of audios.  The audios feature a lot of good information from industry experts, the Empower Network founders and successful Empower Network team members.

I do like the knowledge they provide.  They have given me several key insights into how I can improve my business, not only from a tactical short-term perspective, but also from a longer-term more strategic angle.

I have been a business owner for a few years now and there is one major thing I have learned: in order to have your own success, you have to surround yourself with successful people.

These Inner Circle audios have been a good way for me to get into the mind of already successful people.  They allow me to strengthen my mindset and to also apply some of the principles other successful people have already tested and proven.

The Costa Rica Intensive & $15k Formula

Note: The Coast Rica Intensive and $15K Formula are 2 separate products.

Going through the Costa Rica Intensive and $15K Formula training courses really changed my attitude towards running an online business. The fact that these people in the courses were able to go out and make 4 figures and even 5 figures in as little as 60 days really got me inspired.

And it is actually one of the main reasons I started this blog. You see, what I learned in the Costa Rica Intensive was that I really need to get out there and build more trust with the people that follow me.  Trust takes time to build. Trust is not something that is just given away by people.  You have to first build a relationship and trust will flow from there.

Building a relationship and earning the trust of the online community is the main reason the core of the Empower Network was built around a blogging system. But beyond that they also provide you with everything you need to successfully drive traffic to your blog with the extra training courses.

Now here’s the thing, you can have all the wisdom in the world, the best writing skills and a blog that is full of pure gold but if you don’t know how to promote it and get traffic there it’s all or nothing. And, in my opinion, this is where the business opportunity really shines.

The additional training courses provide just about every internet marketing strategy you can think of all in one place. They have interviews with several experts that are already extremely successful online. These strategies cover everything from paid advertising, social media marketing, SEO, e-mail marketing, blogging and many other marketing channels.

The Costa Rica Intensive is a series of videos that focuses on building a business for the long term.  It is more strategic in nature but there are also some very practical lessons you can apply as soon as you watch them.

The $15K Formula is also a video series but is much more tactical in nature.  Each video provides 2-3 hours worth training on a single marketing channel – there are 9 videos in total.  For example, one video talks about the elements of creating great and useful content for social media.  Another video talks about the specifics of paid advertising – such as how to properly setup a Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaign while adhering to the respective companies terms of service.

In my opinion, all of the products are extremely well done.  I have been running an online business for a long time and have never seen anything so comprehensive with so many industry experts.  The people Dave and Dave invited to help put these lessons together are people I was already familiar with and already respected.  Seeing everything put together in an organized, coherent and easy-to-understand way that included specific campaign examples was the icing on the cake.

Other Things Worth Noting

Additional costs

One of the most common questions I get is, if the Empower Network pays out 100% commissions, how do they stay in business?

Well here is the answer: there is a monthly cost of $19.95 to access their e-wallet payment system.  This payment goes to support not only the payment system, but also to support customer service, other staff and the business infrastructure that are necessary to run the company.

The e-wallet acts very similar to Paypal.  Whenever you make a sale, the money is deposited into your personal e-wallet account.  You can then withdraw that money to your regular bank account or have them mail you a check.

It does take about 10 minutes to setup the e-wallet but there is a step by step video that shows you how to do everything.  Go Here, Click This, Do That…  Its pretty simple to do.

This is a business – not a job or a hobby

Also, affiliate marketing is just that – marketing.  No product or service ever sells itself without marketing – no matter how many times you have heard that it does.

The reality is that you will have to put effort into marketing in order to make any sales.  While the company does have some very solid products to sell, just keep in mind that you will have to put effort in upfront before you see any results.  However, Empower does give you an exact system to follow:

  1. Blog daily – create good and useful content people will want to read
  2. Market daily – distribute that quality content so that people who will find it relevant and useful actually see it
Finally, this is not a job and it is not a hobby.  It is a business.  Here is the difference in these 3:
  • A job is somewhere you go, typically 5 or more days per week, and are told what to do and how to do it.  In exchange, you are compensated with some kind of salary, hourly wage or commission.  There is very little flexibility because your exact tasks and purpose have been determined for you.
  • A hobby is something you do in your free time or when you are procrastinating.  The goal is not to make money.  The goal is to relax, learn something new or do something just for the sheer enjoyment of it.
  • A business is meant to provide you and your family with an economic means of survival and prosperity.  It is meant to not only put food on the table and shelter over your head, but to also make your life more comfortable in general.  It is meant to be profitable and it is meant to grow in profitability so that you can live a better life as the business grows.
Keep in mind that the Empower Network is a business.  You are the business owner.  You need to treat this like a business if you want to succeed with it.
That comes with some items that some people do not want to hear, namely these:
  • You will have to put time into educating yourself about how to run your Empower  business
  • You will have to put time and effort into working the Empower system to get your business to grow
  • You will have to invest money into marketing and advertising to make sales (notice I said INVEST, not spend – the whole idea is that you make your money back and hopefully much more over time)
However, the business also comes with many benefits that other businesses do not:
  • You have a team to help support you so you are not operating alone
  • You have a proven system that has already been tested – you just have to follow it
  • You can get started for only $25 per month
  • Every sale results in 100% commissions paid directly to you
  • You can do everything sitting at home on the couch with your laptop

So what don’t I like about the Empower Network?

1. Finding the right team can be difficult due to the company’s high level of success

I know when I got in almost a year ago, there were tons of great EN teams.  Today that is even more true due to the company’s extremely fast growth rate.

As you research various teams, be sure to try and get in contact with the leaders you come across.  You want to make sure that you can get at least some level of support when you are first starting out from them.

2. Those newer to the online world can get easily overwhelmed

This point applies mainly to the Cost Rica Intensive and $15K Formula.  The material in these 2 courses goes so in-depth that one cannot possibly apply everything all at once.

The best solution for this is to FOCUS on one video lesson at a time.  This is especially true when it comes to driving traffic to your content and blog posts.  There are so many traffic sources and marketing channels covered that you cannot possibly master all of them right away.

So how do I run my business specifically?

Well we take a grounds up approach on our team.  Empower provides us with a great opportunity, a great compensation plan and great products that lay the foundation for each of our respective businesses.

Within our team, we break it down to help newer members apply what Dave & Dave teach as it applies to our team members personal style.  The first step is to review the EN Fast Start videos and then we can help you develop a personalized action plan once you have a foundational knowledge of the company and what it takes to build an EN business successfully.

So is the Empower Network right for you?

At the end of the day, this is all that matters to you.  Is this business a good fit for you?

This was the main reason I wrote this review in the first place – to help you understand what the business and then give you the ability to make an educated decision.

have tried to provide you with an objective review of the business and also how we do things within our team.

If you are interested in joining our team or getting more information, then I would encourage you to get more information by clicking the link below now.

We are not perfect.  The businesses we run are not perfect. But they do work rather well and we are working to make them better for the team everyday.  We are regular, people, just like you.  And we want to help you succeed.

This business is certainly not for everyone but if you feel that it may be a good fit, want to get started right away or just have a few questions, I would love to have you click the link below to learn more about Empower and our team.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting to know you more!

Terry Brisco