No 1 Up Cash Gifting Mentor Shows Video Proof Of $72,300 Being Generated In Less Than A Month

Here is a very inspirational video that I would like to share of my mentor proof video of $72,300 being generated in the awesome No 1 Up Cash Gifting Program! Take A look and please do your research! To succeed in any gifting program you must start with a great mentor who will train you properly and assist you at getting started the proper way. The program REALLY WORKS!

You’ve probably heard or read it dozens of times before, and you know what… IT’S TRUE! Cash gifting is, without a doubt, the easiest and quickest way to create wealth for you and your family.

Our cash gifting program is the very first and only real no 1 up cash gifting activity. It’s also private and requires all future participants to be personally invited by a current, active member in order to join. This is to ensure that the privacy and integrity of the activity and its participants are held with high regards.

In addition, our no 1 up cash gifting program consists of four levels; $500, $1000, $2000 and $4000, and is equipped with an automated placement and tracking software system which places and keeps track of new participating members automatically; which is a very key component of a legitimate cash gifting program.


At registration, you’ll have the option of joining one or more levels starting with $500. Your options are $500, $1500 ($500 + $1000), $3500 ($500 + $1000 + $2000) or $7500 ($500 + $1000 + $2000 + $4000).

NOTE: Most people who join you in this no 1 up cash gifting activity will usually start with a pledge of $1500 or $3500, and they will send the cash directly to you.

Let Me Explain How It Works

Let’s say you join and pledge $3500; with our no 1 up cash gifting program you’re instantly in a position to receive on the $500, $1000 and $2000 levels.

Now let’s say you invite your first person and he or she decides to join and pledge $1500; he or she will send $1500, in cash, directly to you. Cash pledges will be sent directly to you from each and every person you invite who becomes a member of this incredible no up cash gifting program. It’s that simple.

And although there are no splits or 1 ups in this cash gifting program, there are still roll ups.

For instance, we’ll use the example above and say the first person you invited invites someone who joins at $3500. You will receive $2000 in cash because the first person you invited has only joined the $500 and $1000 levels and you have joined the same levels as well as the $2000. And don’t worry, all of this is tracked automatically by the system.

Another wonderful thing about our no 1 up cash gifting program is whenever anyone you invite wants to upgrade to a higher level, they will send you additional cash based on the amount of the upgraded level. So if your first person decides he or she wants to upgrade to the next level, he or she will send you another $4000.


Here’s How You Get Started Today!

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2014 Legitimate No 1 Up Cash Gifting Is Not Considered A Business Or Investment!

By definition, Cash Gifting (also referred to as “Cash Leveraging”) is the act of privately or publicly giving another person or entity a declared sum of cash (strictly as a gift) and giving it freely without coercion or consideration. It doesn’t involve network marketing, multi-level marketing, or a business or commercial activity. There are no business transactions, investments and/or securities involved in this activity. There’s no business or company name or location and there are no directors, officers, shareholders or principals. Individuals simply offer financial support to another. It’s called a cash gift because that’s exactly what it is a gift of cash.



Consider that a legitimate gift has no strings attached and is not an “investment.


Avoid being misled into thinking a certain gifting club is legitimate because the ads say that members earn $5000 Daily. Be sure that you can at least reach the Mentor and not a robot or answering machine.


Be wary of success stories or testimonials of tremendous payoffs. Very few members of illegal gifting clubs or pyramid schemes ever receive any money. So therefore be sure to join a legal and legitimate gifting club.


Take your time. Don’t buckle under to a high-pressure sales pitch that requires you to join immediately or risk losing out on the opportunity. Remember, solid opportunities – and solid friendships – aren’t formed through nerve-wracking tactics.

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Marketing Your No 1 Up Cash Gifting Program Is Simply Automated(2013)

With the big economic dramas we are facing these days more and more people are trying to find less conventional methods to make it through till the end of the month. This is really hard for most worldwide and therefore the hope of a genuine solution to their financial problems is soaring high, and this doesn’t just include the working class. No 1-up cash gifting is the perfect solution that people are looking for.

No 1-up cash gifting has shown to the world to be the resolution that we can turn to in order to crawl out of the fiscal abyss in which we find ourselves. The pain of the economic downturn is being felt all over the world and people are discovering they cannot count on another institution to help them out, be it the government (no luck there) or the private financial sector.

The world wide web is saturated with cash leveraging programs, and for my money sitting firmly atop the heap is the no 1-up cash gifting system. No 1-up cash gifting is a simple concept and those who align themselves with such a program can clearly see how it can really repair their financial situation fast.

No 1-up cash gifting is comprised of a simple system where one person pledges – by their own free will – a cash gift to somebody else. Participants then come together and join this private, invitation only gifting program. This members only community is based on the Internet and founded on the principle of people helping people by giving and receiving. Every member just gives once and is then placed immediately in a position to receive cash. This is done by a perfect placement and tracking system.

This no 1-up cash gifting program beats any 1-up system hands down and would never demand that anyone must give up their first person in order to progress and qualify. With just a little research you will find out that a few no 1-up cash gifting programs are appearing on the Internet. So it pays to have a look around (maybe the links below can help!).

It is a natural consequence of the popularity of no 1-up cash gifting systems that there are certain greedy and selfish tricksters waiting to take advantage of people with limited experience. So be aware, because a true no 1-up cash gifting program has a highly sophisticated placement and tracking system which is an incredibly critical part of a successful program.

Now that gas/petrol prices are soaring sky-high and the wave of closing businesses is climbing alarmingly all over the world, it is only logical that folks are looking into the possibility of no 1-up cash gifting as a way to bring an end to their money troubles for good.

If first we give, then soon shall we receive..

The Honest And Most Quickest Way To Generate Cash From Home Online Is No 1 Up Cash Gifting

It appears that the entire global population is thrilled about the concept of generating quick cash on the internet with the concept of acquiring quick cash on the internet by the current secured cash gifting systems. Why not? Gifting programs offer people globally a terrific opportunity to succeed in financial freedom- more today than ever imagined possible.

Lets examine some of the astonishing methods about cash gifting today:

1.Gifting systems are diligently supervised to assure the utmost reliability and fail-proof automation.

2.As demonstrated in the past long before internet, there was no fool proof way to guarantee equal participation from everyone involved. Many con-artists would take great advantage of the trusting and unsuspicious patrons. Today, gifting programs are very well arranged and monitored professionally. It’s next to impossible to cheat or be cheated in cash gifting programs.

3.Different from many multi level marketing systems, cash gifting has no products to endorse. With MLM programs, you have to sell others on the idea that some uniquely magical product will change the planet and that they need to get in on the market. With cash gifting programs, you have the simple task of being able to attract people to what they already need and desire the most: Money!

4.Cash gifting offers your life the liberties that you could not possibly envision to be true. When you devote to a gifting program, you are opening up the opportunities for:

5.Liberty to work from your own home even as you travel

6.Liberty to raise your family and help them design their lives

7.Liberty to buy the home that you have always dreamed of; where you have always wanted to be

8.Liberty to purchase a quality education for your children and maybe even yourself

9.Liberty to establish your own schedule and life destiny

So there you have it! There exist so many amazing features that are created by today’s current gifting programs that it requires too much difficulty to explain them all in one article. Cash gifting is an incredible opportunity for you to establish everything that you have always desired for yourself and your loved ones. If you can get in on the bottom floor by signing up at say a hundred dollars at first and then build up your income over time, you will be well on your way to being able to resign on your nine- to five job and enjoy all of the benefits from being what you have always dreamed of- your own boss.

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Is SPN Today A Cash Tracking System All In One? Better Insight On How Cash Gifting Programs Function & Prosper

What To Look For In A Cash Gifting Program


So you’ve just heard about Cash Gifting, and a whole new realm of opportunity is right in front of you… but what should you do with it?  Of course, you must decide that your financial future is in “your” hands only, and that you have all the power you need to succeed; and it is equally important that you make sure the program you are considering is a solid, reputable vehicle that makes your success a viable and achievable destination!

In order for any cash gifting program to be a legitimate home-based business alternative, the program must be simple and exhibit integrity on all counts.  Its Gifting foundation is key to your success and to ensure that the program will be here for you and your loved ones.

The cornerstone of the program’s integrity MUST be the “absence” of selling of any kind.  The basis of the activity must be the willful giving and receiving of cash gifts, without any expectation from the organization or the member who invites you to learn about the program, and without any product attached.

Let’s take a look at some other characteristics that an ethical and honorable cash-gifting program should have:

1) A simple to follow, proven, and established system that can be followed by any coachable adult with a passion to succeed, regardless of the person’s training, professional background, or prior experience. The system should be “plug and play”. Whether the new member plans to invest part-time or full-time effort, they should feel confident that they have the tools and support to fast-start their work-from home opportunity on the right foot.

2) A “live” format for introducing the program to potential new members. Let’s get real folks:  It’s people who move money… not computers, websites, or recordings.  Any cash-gifting program worth looking at should be supported by live information calls that are readily available on a daily basis.

3) A comprehensive easy-to use membership site, where all members can log in, update their personal information, view their receiving lines, track the gifts they are about to receive, and obtain the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

4) Daily live training and support calls, including webinars, to ensure a fast track to success, as well as continued motivation and inspiration for the journey.

5) Access to tried, proven lead sources, and methods for lead generation, with clear, easy-to-follow guidelines. Nothing should be left to chance!

6) Individualized “plug and play” lead-capture pages with autoresponders in place. For those unfamiliar with these terms, simply put, a lead capture page is like your personal business card — but found on the Internet. It’s your own web presence. And when someone requests information from you, you will instantly receive their contact information, and they are placed in your “done-for-you” autoresponder which will send them a series of emails keeping you in contact with them automatically… without you having to push a button!

7) A short and straightforward registration process, as easy as 1-2-3.  The program should require appropriate paperwork to be completed to ensure the protection of new members, and to maintain the integrity of the organization.

For any aspiring entrepreneur, or seasoned self-employed individual, your new cash-gifting venture should be your compass to arrive at your own personal destiny.  With these criteria in place, you can rest assured that the program you align yourself with will be a strong ally for your desired success.  One such program that maintains its integrity and solid foundation, year after year, is SPNToday

Terry Brisco



Many people are wondering what is SPN Today Cash Gifting

Many people are wondering what is SPN Today Cash Gifting.

The simple truth is that it is a program that operates much like any other home business opportunity. You know, where a potential member, also called a prospect, is sent through an information gathering process and offered a chance to “receive” money if they put some money in first.

People in SPN Today will argue vehemently that they are NOT a business opportunity because they NEVER transfer a good or provide a service to the person who is putting money in in order become a member. I won’t argue that point with any one I am simply helping you get an understanding of what it is all about.

So how does it SPN Today Cash Gifting work? Well, first a person who would like more money who may be looking for a business or a job is found through various forms of advertising. Certain lead  companies advertise the opportunity to make money from home and sell these lists to prospective buyers. These are lead companies that gather and sell these names, emails and numbers of people who want to make money, usually known as leads.

So the SPN member buys the “leads” and contacts them to send them to some sort of presentation. The ‘prospect’ goes through the presentation where they are offered the chance to receive large sums of money if they first send a gift to their inviter. This usually sent via money order, cashier’s check, or straight up cash via a private carrier.

Once they have sent in their gift and paid a web hosting fee they are now able to bring in others and get gifts at the same levels they joined up to $3750.They simply do the same thing. Call more people and invite them to receive information about getting more money.

It does provide simplicity. After all, their is no product to explain. No auto responders or internet marketing to learn or set up. All the cash comes to you with no uplines or downlines to pay.

So is it legitimate? I am for anything of an entrepreneurial way for people to make some extra money and not have to depend on government or a boss to have a life. When I first got into this industry I looked at SPN Cash Gifting as a simple business opportunity and a way to make money. In fact I thought it was a business. But that is where the gray area of Cash Gifting really is.

See most people look for a business opportunity and expect a product or service to sell and earn income from. Cash gifters argue that it is not a business because they never exchange a product or provide a service. I think that grey area is where the only flaw to cash gifting could be. See, since gifters do not believe they have a business and that all the money they “receive” is purely a gift, they also believe it is 100% tax free because laws state you can receive up to $11,000 from any number of  persons in a single year without tax ramifications.

If cash gifters ever have any issues I think it will be in that grey area. If governments ever decide to call gifting an actual business – then all of the sudden a lot of people could be hit with some pretty big back tax bills. Imagine having to pay all that back tax on all that cash for however long someone was in the game. I personally tried Cash Gifting many years ago for a very short period of time, BUT, I always paid taxes on everything I brought in.

I did that for a couple reasons. 1) because I thought it WAS a business opportunity when I started. You may have heard the expression, if it looks like a business, acts like a business, and smells like a business, it probably is a business. Now I will NOT argue this with any one because frankly I don’t really care, it was just my feeling and my precaution. why the precaution? Because 2) I didn’t ever want Screw with the IRS.

While that is an entirely different topic that I could rant and rave over for quite a while I will give you two sentences on that. I believe the IRS to be an illegal entity that has no right to even exist under the laws our founding fathers put into place. It is simply an illegitimate vehicle for misguided government redistribution of wealth and a doorway to social engineering that leads to socialism. There. I got that off my chest.

However just because I believe that something is illegal does not mean I will put my family or livelihood at risk to avoid a few taxes. After all, to tell the robber barron at your door with a gun to your head that you refuse to pay is not worth dying in vain for or going to prison for or worth them taking all of your belongings. So I just paid more than my tax share for the very short period that I played the game and I would suggest that cautious people do the same.

Now there is one topic regarding SPN Today Cash Gifting that most people neglect to address. How do you find people who are genuinely interested in such an opportunity? I also have very successfully worked a business opportunity with very similar profits to SPN Today that has actually been much more profitable over the years.

Terry Brisco




What Is Cash Gifting? What Is The Peoples Program? What Is Spn Today? What Is A Cash Tracking System?

What is cash gifting 1 :The activity of cash gifting is when people send you a money gift in exchange for no product at all. However, in order to make these programs legal, many promoters now include some digital product with their programs.

Accordingly, gifting clubs or programs refers to the practice whereby one person sends another, frequently a total stranger, money as gift. This money is supposedly given without any expectation of a reward or compensation. However, we all know that in practice, the motivation for sending the cash in the first place is precisely the expectation that this would lead to an opportunity for the giver to receive in turn more money from others who join the program after him or her.

Suppose for example a person (Peter) decides to join a particular gifting club or program. He does this by sending the person who introduced him to the program (Mr. Paul) a gift for say $500. After Mr. Paul receives the money from Peter, he confirms this with the program administration through the tracking software. After this, Peter can now invite others into the club who would be required to send Peter cash in amounts not exceeding Peter’s initial level of $500 per gift. Each person can invite an unlimited number of people into the program. For variations on this basic scheme see our gifting structure section.

Mutual Aid Societies and Rotating Credit Societies for the Internet Age?

What is cash gifting 2: Another answer would be that cash gifting programs are nothing more than modern versions of the mutual aid and rotating credit societies of the previous centuries. In the past these were private members clubs, in which members in the different chapters apply to join and to get to know each other and to even socialize. In the global village of the internet age, the old structures have had to give way to the new. Most of the dealing is now with anonymous strangers, and it is no longer possible to restrict the membership to be strictly private.

Giving to a stranger?

What is cash gifting 3: It is people giving to strangers! When encountered for the first time, many people often find the idea of sending money to total strangers and expecting to receive likewise from other strangers rather bewildering. In particular, would sending money to someone you don’t know much about not be a recipe for scamming? But on reflection one quickly realizes that the receiver of the cash would have no reason not to acknowledge the gift to the program. In fact, as we will see below, gifting clubs are one of the safest online business opportunities.

In most gifting clubs, sending your first gift (occasionally 2 gifts) qualifies you to start introducing others to the program who would in turn send cash to you, their inviter. Generally, the more people you recruit into the program the more gifts you can expect to receive. Depending on the particular program, the value of each gift can range from as little as $5 to $12,500 or even more.

Confused? Still not sure what is cash gifting ?, Not sure whether it is the same as mlm, a pyramid fraud or scam? Read on.

Cash Gifting is Not MLM!

What is cash gifting 4: It is neither mlm (multilevel marketing) nor is it affiliate marketing. In both of these latter activities you sell other peoples products for a commission, with the bulk of the money usually going to the company.

Once understood, many people find the idea of cash gifting more appealing than mlm and other work at home schemes. First of all, the cash is paid immediately from member to member. Unlike, mlm there is generally no upline/downline pyramid structure characteristic of mlm, where those at the top are making all the money, while those at the base struggle.

On the other hand, after stripping away the hype, anyone considering joining a cash gifting club should realize that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To make money you would need to recruit others into the program. That requires effort and skill. If a cash gifting program is well structured and well run, then in principle, the recruitment process should involve no selling or convincing of others to join. Receiving money is after all, the aim of most business opportunity seekers.

In the current crowded online market place, it requires effort, skill and marketing before anyone can expect to start receiving a steady flow of gifts. The stars of hundreds of cash videos on the internet create the misleading impression that all you need to do is join a program and turn on the cash tap.

Cash Gifting Requires Effort!

What is cash gifting 5: It is not an automatic cash generator or cash cow. It requires effort and skill. The reality is that you would need to advertise the program in order to introduce others to it. Cash gifting is not easy, but it is certainly much easier than your typical 9-to-5 offline job!Given the right gifting club program, training and the determination to succeed, one can certainly make a lot of money. Many do receive 6-figure incomes a year from gifting, while there are others who fail to make any money at all. Like in the offline business world it all depends on your input and attitude. If your vision of gifting is that of a turn-system in which you pay your enrollment fee, send your first gift and sit-back to start receiving money by the bucketful, then you better think again. If on the other hand you approach it like a business opportunity requiring effort, skill and investment in time and money, then this could be one of the most lucrative opportunities available on the internet. Beter than MLM, and most 9-to-5 jobs. Beleive me.

Cash Gifting is Not a Scam!

What is Cash Gifting 6: It is not a scam but beware of scams. Just as with every other form of business opportunity, there are many cash gifting scams and fraudulent pyramids chains on the internet. One should therefore exercise due diligence before joining any club. A common error is to join a program which is no longer active. Like most online home business opportunities, the average lifetime of cash gifting clubs is less than 2 year. This is more than twice that for mlm but it is still short-lived. On the other hand there many gifting programs that have been operating sucessfuly for more than 10 years. An important question to consider is the nature of the company behind the program and how long they have been in business, and their rating, if any, with the Better Business Bureau. In our reviews section we do our best to provide you with up to date information on the leading programs.

Cash Gifting is not Illegal:

Cash gifting is not illegal but some, otherwise legitimate programs, are illegal in some countries. The question of whether gifting clubs are legal or not is a gray area of the law, and has been much discussed and debated. In the US, for example, there is no law explicitly forbidding cash gifting clubs. Operators of cash programs frequently appeal to sections of the US IRS tax code on gifting to justify their operations. However the spirit and intent of the IRS law was never meant to apply to gifting clubs. The purpose of tax code in question is obviously meant to lower the future tax debt of the recipient, by distributing the giver’s assets during his lifetime. In fact, if you ask some of those opposed to this activity, that what is cash gifting, many will simply define it as a scam or fraudulent pyramid. A case of a few apples spoiling the lot I suppose.


What is cash gifting then? It is all of the above: It is is a very lucrative activity, but which like any other worthwhile activity, requires effort to accomplish much. Like every other money making opportunity out there, in cash gifting expect to come across the good, the bad and the ugly. We hope the above answers your question what is cash gifting, and how does cash gifting work?

Terry Brisco