The Cash Tracking System One Of The Oldest “Legitimate” Cash Gifting Programs On The Net(REVIEW)

cash track systemAt first glance, the Cash Tracking System – one of the oldest “legitimate” cash gifting programs on the net – it would not appear to be a scam. I’ve seen cash-gifters refer to the Cash Tracking System as their current “activity” or “home based business”. I was intrigued and decided to take a closer look!

Now, apparently Cash Gifting is completely legal. The IRS, for example, allows US citizens to “gift” $13,500 without any tax ramifications. It’s just that we are used to seeing people gift money to relatives or people in need.  Plus, since we tend to look at cash gifting as a “home based business” or “network marketing business”, we expect to see a product associated with the exchange of money. Cash Tracking System does not have a product.

While there’s no product, the rest of the program works like a typical top-tier direct sales home business. To get your website – which contains 7 videos to help you sell your prospect, and a capture page, you pay money directly to your sponsor – either $500, $1000, $2000, or $3500. I assume you pay a annual admin fee for your website but I’m not positive. All of that is cool – it’s just the “no product thing” that most of us need to get past.

I don’t like to judge, and the Cash Tracking System “activity” is considered 100% legal – it’s not a ponzi scheme or scam. The capture page looks slick. I have not opted in to see the sales page but I assume it’s very professional based on the capture page.

The target market to generate Cash Tracking System leads and prospects must be ideally people who already have a positive opinion of cash gifting programs. Just like I do not want to have to explain to people the merits of network marketing, I assume cash-gifters do not want to have to try to “sell” someone on the merits of cash gifting. This is only logical to me. As a Mentor I choose to do the right thing and that’s being honest with new cash-gifters.

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